About Ofelia

OFELIA - Open Federated Environment Leveraging Identity and Authorization

Main Research Area Computer Science and Engineering - Computer Engineering
Project goals OFELIA is a fully decentralized privacy and user oriented framework architecture for identity management, based on the aggregation of identity attributes that are managed by different independent authoritative sources, in a secure and user centric way. In OFELIA we also employ android smart phones as highly decentralized personal access authorization management devices for identity management, thus empowering the user by allowing the creation of customized access control policies that the user finds most adequate for his own personal data. We are also tackling digital identity related problems like: how much information service providers (RP/SP) and Identity Providers (IdPs) should have access to ? who should aggregate the user data? What authorizations and proofs are needed to request personal data? How can a RP/SP be sure that who provided the data is really its Authoritative Source?
Keywords Federated Identity
Delegated Authorization
Mobile Identity systems
Biometric Systems
Funding € 120,000.00
Project funders ERDF through the Programme COMPETE and by the Portuguese Government through FCT.
Reference PTDC/EIA-EIA/104328/2008